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At West Valley Detox Treatment, we utilize a diverse, multidisciplinary curriculum that’s designed to engage each client while also ensuring that his or her unique needs are met.

Our incredible 3-to-1 clinician-to-client ratio means each of our clients will have extensive one-on-one time with our diverse professional staff. This creates an immersive recovery experience that really primes our clients for success after rehab.

While completing our programs, clients can expect:

Round-the-clock care

We keep staff on-site at all times to maintain the highest safety standards for our clients

Ultimate comfort

From our decor to the on-site pool, clients enjoy many amenities to ensure their utmost comfort

Diverse curriculum

Our programs consist of recovery staples as well as holistic and even some experiential offerings

Experienced staff

Clients receive treatment from thought leaders and professionals with extensive experience

Highly nutritious meals

We provide optimal nutrition via gourmet meals prepared daily right in the kitchen of our facility

SoCal reprieve

There are thousands of drug rehabs out there, but most of them aren’t in a cultural mecca like Los Angeles

What makes

West Valley Detox different?

What clients are saying

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5 Stars on Google
5 Stars on Yelp

Comprehensive Treatment

Addiction is a complex disease, so it requires comprehensive care. At West Valley Detox, our programs employ the most proven, effective treatment models, allowing us to offer a full range of rehabilitative care.

Through psychotherapy, experiential treatment, and other techniques, our clients learn the tools they will need to achieve stable recovery.

Integrated Technologies

Much like substance abuse treatment, technology continues to evolve. That’s something we seek to leverage by constantly developing innovative applications for both existing and emerging technologies.

From VR to electroencephalography, patients at West Valley Detox have opportunities to employ the latest technologies in relevant and groundbreaking ways.

Modular Curriculum

Once in our program, clients experience a number of different types of therapy in sessions with several of our therapists. Then clients can choose which to continue working with.

Not only does this diversify our curriculum, but it also creates a level of modularity, giving clients the opportunity to build their ideal programs based on their background, preferences, and needs.



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Young woman doing yoga on the beach

Diverse treatments

that really work

There’s no shortage of different ways to treat addiction. So what makes our special?

At West Valley Detox, our programs work because of our collaborative nature and the strong partnerships we establish with each of our clients. We are advocates for our clients, their health, and their psycho-emotional wellbeing. By arming them with valuable knowledge, practical skills, and self-confidence, we facilitate a successful transition from active addiction to healthy, productive, fulfilling lives.


Learn to achieve optimal wellness via your diet

Art Therapy

Clients learn to express themselves through art


We help clients cope with grief and trauma


Yoga is an opportunity to strengthen body and mind


Learning important life skills can prevent relapse

Is there something in particular that you’re looking for?

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plan that works best for you.

A Message From the Owners

“We know the deep hurt of addiction, either firsthand or from the front row. Our team of dedicated therapists, clinicians, and consultants celebrate hope as a vital resource for sobriety. By instilling them with hope, our clients find the energy, sense of direction, and strength of conviction within themselves to achieve extraordinary change and growth.”

Residential Treatment in

Los Angeles

When in treatment at West Valley Detox, clients participate in adventure therapy that takes them to some of the most popular sites in Los Angeles. This gives them the opportunity to experience much of what Los Angeles has to offer. Even more importantly, clients can take part in the large — and ever-growing — Los Angeles recovery community.

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We cultivate


Part of the West Valley difference is our dedication to inclusivity. Individuals from all walks of life are welcome, regardless of gender, faith, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.

Looking for inclusive substance abuse treatment? Come to West Valley Detox Treatment for our residential and medical detox programs. Flourish in an environment where individuality is cultivated and each client’s uniqueness is a point of pride.

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California Department of Health Care Services
West Valley-Tarzana Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau Accredited
The Joint Commission
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

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